img locandina convegnodmi 2023V Workshop of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Perugia

8 February 2023, 11:00 Room A2

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11:00-11:15 Opening (with the welcome address of the Director of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Prof. M. Giulietti, and of the Deputy Rector for Research, Rating and Fund-Raising, Prof. H. Vocca)

Francesco Betti Sorbelli

Optimal and Heuristic Algorithms for Data Collection by Using an Energy- and Storage-Constrained Drone (Abstract   - Slide)


Francesca Di Patti

Stochastic Turing Patterns of Trichomes in Arabidopsis Leaves (Abstract  - Slide)


Marco Timpanella

Algebraic curves and their applications (Abstract - Slide)


Alessio Troiani

Parallel Markovian Algorithms and their application to combinatorial optimization (Abstract  - Slide)


Marco Cantarini

Approximations, integral transforms, convergence, error control (Abstract  - Slide)

15:30-15:55 Valentina Franzoni
Artificial Intelligence and Emotion Recognition: saving pain (Abstract  - Slide)

Federico Alberto Rossi

Einstein Pseudo-Riemannian metrics on Solvable Lie Groups (Abstract  - Slide)

16:30 Closing

Organizing Committee

  • Laura Angeloni
  • Daniele Bartoli
  • Nicola Ciccoli
  • Francesca Di Patti
  • Alfredo Milani
  • Alfredo Navarra
  • Enzo Vitillaro

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