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  • Iakovos Androulidakis: Almost regular Poisson manifolds
  • Paolo Antonini: Towards K-theory for non-integrable transitive Lie algebroids
  • Serguei Barannikov: TBA
  • Damien Broka: Symplectic realizations of holomorphic Poisson manifolds
  • Oleksandr Iena: On 1-dimensional planar sheaves: modifying Simpson moduli spaces by v. bundles
  • Niek de Kleijn: An equivariant algebraic index theorem
  • Niels Kowalzig: When Ext is a Batalin-Vilkovisky algebra
  • Giovanni Landi: Line bundles over noncommutative spaces
  • Camille Laurent-Gengoux: TBA
  • Luigi Lunardon: TBA
  • Marco Manetti: TBA
  • Francesco Meazzini: TBA
  • Valerio Melani: Poisson and coisotropic structures in derived algebraic geometry
  • Chiara Pagani: Noncommutative spherical manifolds and their symmetries
  • Francois Petit: Quantization of spectral curves and DQ-modules
  • Martin Schlichenmaier: N-point Virasoro algebras considered as Krichever-Novikov type algebras
  • Mathieu Stienon: Kontsevich-Duflo theorem for Lie pairs
  • Alfonso Tortorella: Homotopy versions of Jacobi bundles
  • Ping Xu: Fedosov dg manifolds and Gerstenhaber algebras associated with Lie pairs