The degree course is articulated into a single curriculum and lasts three years. The first two years are characterized by the presence of compulsory courses, whilst during the third year students are able to choose what subjects to study and prepare their thesis.
There are also many different tutoring and teaching support activities. Furthermore, many study spaces, a computer lab, a study room, a computing center (with helpful technical support) and an excellent library are made available to students.
Characteristic features of the course are the constant relationship between students and teachers and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other students.


The course aims to train graduates who possess the following skills:

  • they know basic Mathematics and understand its natural developments,
  • have basic knowledge of Physics and Computer Science and understand the way Mathematics can be applied to natural sciences,
  • have adequate computational skills,
  • can read and understand Mathematics books,
  • know how to judge the logical rigor of a demonstration and are able to provide it autonomously for simple statements,
  • can explain what they learned in Italian and can interact in English,
  • can work both independently and in groups,
  • have learning skills that make them autonomous in continuing their studies

The degree holder will be proficient in any activity where deductive reasoning, accuracy, self-upgrade ability and decision-making autonomy are required, in both the public and the private sector. He will also be well-qualified to tutor high school and bachelor's degree students in math. Typical job profiles are Mathematician, Statistician, tutor, teacher and related professions.

The vast majority of the three-year degree holders, as confirmed by statistical data (95% according to Universitaly, April 2017), does not interrupt their studies to start working right after the three-year degree, choosing to enroll in a Master's degree.

In order to increase internationalization, our Department encourages students to partecipate in exchange programmes with universities having a training credit system comparable to the ECTS system. Study opportunities abroad are made available to students through special selection invitations. Selected students will be granted financial support in the form of mobility grants,usually in the context of the Erasmus programme. The duration of the exchanges is usually between 3 and 12 months. The study plan and the exams to be taken abroad must be reasonable relation to the duration of the exchange. The President of the degree verifies the consistency of the whole study plan the student chooses abroad with the learning objectives of the course rather than looking for a perfect correspondence of the content between the individual training activities.
The president is also in charge of approving the transcript of records.
Visit to read about all the international Erasmus+ agreements.

The qualification obtained makes the student able to enroll in Master's degrees and Master level courses (level I).

Brochure for 2020-2021 A.Y. (Italian only)