cp 2011
17th International Conference on Principles and Practice of
Constraint Programming
To be held in Perugia, Italy from 12-16th September 2011
City of Perugia, Italy

The future of CP

A panel at CP 2011

September 16th, 2011 - Perugia, Italy.

download pdf Francesca Rossi's presentation
download pdf Eugene Freuder's presentation
download pdf Jimmy Lee's presentation
download pdf Barry O'Sullivan presentation
download pdf Gilles Pesant's presentation
download pdf Meinolf Sellman's presentation
download pdf Toby Walsh's presentation

Confirmed panelists

- Eugene Freuder
- Jimmy Lee
- Barry O'Sullivan
- Gilles Pesant
- Meinolf Sellman
- Toby Walsh


Francesca Rossi


After more than 15 years from the first CP conference, and about 20 years since the first CP and PPCP workshops, the field needs to discuss its own future, so to consciously shape it in the best way, for the good of the advancement of science and its impact on the society.


The panel will be held on Friday, September 16, 2011 at 16:25, and will last 1 hour and 30 minutes. It will be the last event of the CP 2011 scientific program.

Panel structure

The panelists will first present, in 5 minutes each, what they believe are the most important research directions for CP, possibly with a vision for its future. After that, panelists will be asked to answer and discuss some questions, among which for example the following:


All CP 2011 participants are encouraged to participate in the panel by any of the following means:


Although this panel is the last technical event of what will be a very intense week in Perugia, there will be rewards for those who will stay until the end: following the very successful initiative at IJCAI2011, after the panel there will be a final event including