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Plot-it! 2D

version Dec 1999

Plot-it!2D is a software package for online 2D plotting of mathematical plane curves.
Now you can plot mathematical 2D curves with your java enabled browser, using the java applet technology. It's also possibile to plot particular functions of a given curve, such as :

Also, it's possibile to evaluate the Frenet Trihedon and the curvature function in a fixed point.

No downloading or installation is required, you simply connect to Plot-it!2D page and run it.
Plot-it!2D is compatible with virtually all java enabled browsers.

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Plot-it! 2D

Il presente software plot-it!, plot-it!3d, plot-it!2d, i sorgenti, le relative classi java, e pagine html  sono di esclusiva proprietà degli autori, qualsiasi utilizzo per fini commerciali è escluso.