Welcome to the Technical Coordination Unit for Planning and Scheduling for the Web.

Coordinator:Alfredo Milani (milani@dipmat.unipg.it)

The aim of this TCU is to promote communications, exchanges and technology transfer inside and outside the PLANET network in the field of the applications of Planning and Scheduling technologies to the Web.

P&S can play a significant role in view of the emerging electronic markets and the new associated business processes, the P&S technologies can fruitfully contribute to manage the complexity and the flexibility issues posed by Web applications. A number of innovative P&S web applications are already emerging, but, theoretical models are also needed in order to cope with the features of the evolutive web environment, and technological infrastructures are to be developed to realize an effective transfer of P&S technologies in this field.

Membership is open to any person/group/institution which is willing to participate and contribute to this TCU is welcome and invited to join. Your active contribution is crucial for the success of the TCU in this challenging and promising field, we are looking forward to have your fruitful collaboration


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