Mappa di Foligno


on "REASONing under PARtial Knowledge"

Foligno (Perugia), ITALY
17 - 19 September 2009

In the last decades, the treatment of partial knowledge has seen a great expansion, giving rise to a number of different tools (such as nonmonotonic logic, uncertainty measures, etc.) to perform automated reasoning. The understanding of the basic methods and techniques has undergone the development of a truly interdisciplinary research community and of a parallel debate on the choice of the "best" relevant tools.

- to provide young researchers with a basic training in Reasoning under Partial Knowledge and its application in various fields, including Computer Science, Economics, Medicine, Biology, Engineering;
- to stimulate a critical attitude, in particular towards routine application of standard techniques: a particular care will be devoted to singling-out still unsolved puzzling foundational and interpretation problems in this fascinating and rapidly growing field;

The School will focus on "Fuzzy set theory and Cooperative games"
- The school offers 4 courses, there will be no parallel sessions
- There will be three days of classes (except Saturday afternoon)

Courses :

• Introduction to Fuzzy Sets and fuzzy logic (L. Spada)
• Introduction to Cooperative Games and Power and Consensus Indexes (F. Patrone, V. Fragnelli)
• Power index in policy and finance (G. Gambarelli)
• Introduction to Fuzzy cooperative games (M. Mareš)

P.Bonissone (USA)
B.Bouchon-Meunier (France)
G.Coletti (Italy)
A.Di Nola (Italy)
D.Dubois (France)
L.Godo (Spain)
P.Hajek (Czech Republic)
R.Kruse (Germany)
E. Pap (Serbia)
R.Scozzafava (Italy)
S.Termini (Italy)
E.Trillas (Spain)

G.Coletti (University of Perugia)
A.Di Nola (University of Salerno)
P.Mingarelli (Lab. Scienze Sperimentali, Foligno)
R.Scozzafava (University "La Sapienza", Roma)
S.Termini (University of Palermo)

Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Foligno
Provincia di Perugia
Regione Umbria
Comune di Foligno


July 20: Deadline for application
August 13: Notification of acceptance
September 5: Deadline for fee's payment
September 16: Welcome and registration
September 17: School starts

- the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 25.
- Applicants should send a curriculum vitae and possibly a letter of recommendation.
- the total fee, including also lodging (3-4 nights, from Wednesday evening), breakfast, lunches, coffee-breaks and social events, is 120 Euro.

Applicants must send an e-mail to:
or an ordinary mail to: Reasonpark, Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica, Università di Perugia, 06123 PERUGIA (Italy)

- Laboratorio di Scienze Sperimentali - Via Isolabella, 06034 FOLIGNO (Italy), denoted on the map as "Laboratorio"
- Participants and Lecturers will be lodged downtown Foligno at Youth Hostel in Palazzo Pierantoni (an old 16th century - recently restored - building) Via Pierantoni 23 (at walking distance from the School), denoted on the map as "Ostello"
- Foligno was the Roman Fulginia located on the plain at the confluence of two rivers. The ancient Umbrian center fell to the Romans in 295 BC, subsequently becoming first a Roman Municipium, then the seat of the Prefecture, and finally the "Statio principalis" of imperial traffic on the Via Flaminia.

How to reach Foligno:
- From Perugia Airport (Sant'Egidio, km. 25)
- From Ancona Airport (Falconara, km. 130)
- From Rome Airport (Fiumicino, km. 165)
By train:on the railway Roma - Ancona; or from Florence, railway Terontola - Foligno

Two other magnificent cities, Assisi and Perugia, are a few kilometers away from Foligno.


Visit and dinner in a nearby town.

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