Epistemologia [Philosophy of Science]

Academic Year 2009/10



Number of Credits: 3 CFU – Teaching Hours: 24 – “Settore Scientifico Disciplinare”: PHYS08 – Semester: 2nd


Background: The students will surely profit more from this course if they have followed a couple of years in some scientific area, including at least a course in physics.



Being a scientist and thinking about science. “Exact” and “inexactsciences. The problem of the scientific method. Explanation, progress and revolutions in science. Problems in the epistemology of physics. Science and the citizen.



The course aims at offering a guidance toward a reflection on the nature of science and the scientific practice, and providing information on the contemporary debate.



T. Kuhn, The structure of scientific revolutions (1970)

M. Mamone Capria (a cura di), La costruzione dell’immagine scientifica del mondo (1999).

H. Weyl: Philosophy of Mathematics and Natural Science (1949).


Other references and lecture notes will be provided by the teacher.


Teaching methods: Classes. Office hours. Lecture notes.


Examination: Oral.


Language: Italian.