Geometry & Physics I

The first edition of the Séminaire Itinérant Geometry & Physics took place in Normandy (Fra), 14-20 July 2003.

The main theme of the conference was Deformation Quantization.

There were three main courses followed by seminars from other participants.



  • Damien Calaque (Strasbourg)
  • Gregory Ginot (Paris)
  • Camille Laurent (Strasbourg)
  • Sebastien Michea (Penn State)
  • François Nadaud (Dijon)
  • Mathieu Stienon (Bruxelles)
  • Olivier Schiffmann (Paris)
  • Pierre Sleewaegen (Bruxelles)
  • Ping Xu (Penn state)
  • Zhang Chang Zhu (Berkeley)
  • Marco Zambon (Berkeley)



Camille Laurent

Mathieu Stienon

Ping Xu


Main speakers


Xianon Ma (Paris)

Olivier Schifmann (Paris)

Ping Xu (Penn State)

GAP I 2003 - FRANCE - Deformation quantization