Softlib is a JaCoP's extension for the implementation of soft constaints in the JaCoP's environment. The aim of this product is to give to the programmer the possibility to playing with weights keeping, in the very low level, a completely crisp environment.

Some of the features of this extension are:
  • Weights handling
  • The weights are one of the basic factors of the soft CSP and it is obvious that they need supporting structures that incorporate these features and give the opportunity to the programmer to specify the criteria for the calculation of the weights and to assign them to individual variables/couple of variabiles. Nowadays, the library implements the best known and useful methods for the calculation of weights unary or binary but the programmer can easly extends and customizes his own weight class.
  • Soft arc consistency computation
  • Using this algorithm as a preprocessing step can significantly reduce (in most cases) the time required from the search algorithms.
  • Very simple to use
  • Implement softlib in your JaCoP's project is very simple and intuitive. A whole chapter of the documentation has the aim to teach you how migrate from crisp constraints to soft constraints.
  • Open source
  • If you have any kind of problem using the library, or you simply want to personalize you're project, you can check how everything is implemented directly from the softlib's source code.