WCB11 Accepted Papers

(in random order)

  1. Declarative Merging of and Reasoning about Decision Diagrams.
    Thomas Eiter, Thomas Krennwallner and Christoph Redl. (abstract)
  2. Constraints and Global Optimization for Gene Prediction Overlap Resolution.
    Christian Theil Have. (abstract)
  3. Introducing FIASCO: Fragment-based Interactive Assembly for protein Structure prediction with COnstraints.
    Michael Best, Kabi Bhattarai, Federico Campeotto, Alessandro Dal Palù, Hung Dang, Agostino Dovier, Ferdinando Fioretto, Federico Fogolari, Trung Le and Enrico Pontelli. (abstract)
  4. Improving Multiple Sequence Alignments with Constraint Programming and Local Search.
    Marco Correia, Fábio Madeira, Pedro Barahona and Ludwig Krippahl. (abstract)
  5. Petri Nets for Integrated Models of Metabolic and Gene Regulatory Networks.
    Aljoscha Palinkas and Alexander Bockmayr. (abstract)
  6. A Constraint Program For Subgraph Epimorphisms with Application to Identifying Model Reductions in Systems Biology.
    Steven Gay, François Fages, Thierry Martinez and Sylvain Soliman. (abstract)
  7. A new local move operator for reconstructing gene regulatory networks.
    Jimmy Vandel and Simon De Givry. (abstract)